Machine Polishing Service

Having your vehicle machine polished can help to revive flat, dull faded paintwork. This specialised service encompasses the removal of surface scratches using a mild compound, through to the removal of dull / oxidized paintwork using the correct grade of rejuvenating paste.

Please note if the scratches are deep then machine polishing will have little effect.

To machine polish a whole vehicle prices range from £70 depending on the size and external condition of the vehicle.

This service involves:

  • Jet washing the exterior of the car to remove any dirt and grime
  • Shampooing the exterior of the car
  • Chamois drying the car
  • Clay bar treatment to remove contaminants from the vehicle loosens unwanted particles and impurities and plucks them from the paint surface
  • Applying a compound paste to each car panel at a time
  • A Carnuba wax is then applied by hand to seal and protect newly machine polished paintwork
  • Finally a pro detailer is applied to further enhance the paintwork.

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